Yasantha Chanaka – hair designer

Born 25/12/1981 in Colombo, Sri Lanka
Based in Milan (Italy)
After attending University in Colombo (Political Science), in 2001 I decided to follow my passion to be an hairdresser, attending a stylist school and worked by a famous hairdresser named Rumours.
In 2002 left Sri Lanka and studied in Wella Academy in Singapore. Finished my study I worked in Singapore for 5 years. In those years occasionally I travelled to work in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing.
My passsion for the fashion world inspired me to come to Italy (Milan). Here I had the chance to work for Pier Giuseppe Moroni’ saloon. This opened many possibilities to work for magazines, advertisement’s campaigns and fashion shows. Among the magazines names like Marie Claire, Vogue, Vanity Fair. I have also been attracted in my work because it is related to photography, a disciplin that I cherish very much.
From 2014 I work as a free-lancer. Occasionally I have been assistant to Guido Palau, famous British hairdresser.

“I have been cuddled when I used to go to Piergiuseppe Moroni’s saloon because I have been followed and spoilt by Chana, clever, rich of creativity, full of understanding the desire of the client, very kind, making me very satisfied of his performance.”        Grazia Neri